HPC Expansion

2017 Expansion Round

The schedule for the 2017 expansion round has yet to be determined.  Please contact Research Computing Services (RCS) if you would like to be notified when more information about this round is available.  Please note that the round may be delayed until 2018 if there appears to be insufficient interest to support a purchase this year, so please contact RCS if you think you might be a potential buyer.

2016 Expansion Round

The following information pertains to the HPC expansion round that occurred in 2016 and is provided for reference only.  Prices and configurations will change for future rounds.


A research group may purchase one or more compute servers and storage, all with a four-year lifetime.  A research group can consist of one or more users.  

The number of servers purchased by a research group defines a share of the total system (expressed as a percentage) that will affect when computing jobs submitted by users in that group are processed by the system (job priority). System policies that determine job priority are approved by a faculty operations committee consisting of representatives of participating research groups and are implemented by CUIT staff.

Please note some enhancements from previous HPC purchase rounds:

  • System configurations and vendor selection were done in cooperation with a Faculty RFP Committee.
  • There will no longer be an annual support charge. Support cost is now fully covered by CUIT.
  • Storage prices have decreased considerably.
  • All servers include Infiniband network connections.

CUIT will be holding information sessions during the buy-in period to assist in answering any questions you may have. The session schedule can be found at the top of this page. Yeti’s Operating Committee is also offering the Trial-with-Intent-to-Purchase or TIP program again. SRCPAC’s goal for the TIP program is to enable researchers with serious interest in purchasing to have a brief trial. The PI of the applying group must be a member of Morningside faculty or a research scientist. Also, you can contact Rob Lane (roblane@columbia.edu or 212.854.3302) if you have questions.

Purchase Options

The following options are available.  Please note that unlike previous HPC purchase rounds, all servers include Infiniband network connections.  All prices are tentative, as final costs will depend on the amounts and types of equipment ordered, and we believe them to be a close estimate.

Standard Server: $5,630

HP Enterprise XL170r with dual E5-2650v4 processors (2.2 GHz, 12 cores each), 128 GB memory, and EDR Infiniband.

High Memory Server: $7,620

HP Enterprise XL170r with dual E5-2650v4 processors (2.2 GHz, 12 cores each), 512 GB memory, and EDR Infiniband.

GPU Server: $13,180

HP Enterprise DL380 with dual E5-2650v4 processors (2.2 GHz, 12 cores each), 128 GB memory, EDR Infiniband, and two Nvidia K80 GPUs.

Scratch Storage: $250 per terabyte

DataDirect Networks GS7K

Your order should include at least one server of any type and one terabyte of scratch storage.

Purchase Process and Timeline

  1. Purchasers must fill out the attached order form and email it to RCS at rcs@columbia.edu by 5:00 p.m. EST on Monday, May 9, 2016.
  2. The equipment in all the orders will be combined and a purchase order will be created.
  3. RCS will validate pricing and the exact purchase amount will be charged to the chartstring you provided.
  4. System launch is targeted for November 1 2016.